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New Haven nursing home to soon allow outdoor, in-person visits

June 12th, 2020

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- A New Haven nursing home hit hard by the coronavirus, is hoping family members will soon be allowed to visit once again. The Mary Wade Home is planning outdoor, in-person visits for later this month in their garden area. Family members and residents haven’t been able to visit each other in person since early March.  It also hasn’t been easy for the Fair Haven nursing home and assisted living center, which saw a number of its residents pass away from the virus. As for the new protocols in place, Mary Wade says it will use a three-sided plexiglass divider, to keep residents and their loved ones safe and socially distanced, while visiting each other in the home’s garden. “We’ll check their temperature, ask them a series of questions, make sure they have a mask on, sanitize their hands,” said Stan DeCosta, executive director of The Mary Wade Home. “It will be inconvenient, but at least they’ll be able to see one another. Hugs will have to come a little later, but we’re happy that A, the residents will be able to get outside, get some fresh air, and B, see their family members,” said David Hunter, president and CEO of the Mary Wade Home. In an effort to keep on top of the virus, the Mary Wade home, with help from Fair Haven Community Health Care, has been testing its residents and staff members for COVID-19 since April. - Matt McFarland, Posted 


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