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  • How is the parking?

    Mary Wade has two parking lots directly across from the main entrance on Pine Street. We also own all the properties within our block so street parking is available.

  • Where is the main entrance?

    The main entrance to Mary Wade is on Pine Street. The historic 118 Clinton Avenue entrance is no longer in use. If you are using a GPS use 83 Pine Street, New Haven CT 06513. The entrance is on your right hand side.

  • How safe is the neighborhood?

    Mary Wade is located in the beautiful, historic district of Fair Haven. We have teamed up with our neighbors and local law enforcement over the years to make sure residents and families remain safe and comfortable. In the evening, we have security guards who will escort you to your vehicles if you desire.

  • What are your visiting hours?

    There are no specific visiting hours at Mary Wade. You can visit any time; we just ask that you are respectful of the care that needs to be done and the schedule of any roommate.

  • What is offered in the way of meals?

    We are proud of our exceptional dining program featuring homemade meals and individualized attention to resident’s needs and desires. Menus are given to families upon admission and food choices are chosen to ensure the dining experience is a pleasant one. A hearty breakfast starts the day with the main meal served at lunch time and a lighter fare for dinner. Specialized diets are available.

  • Can I bring my own furniture and decorations?

    All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, dresser, over bed table and a recliner. We welcome you to personalize your room. Suggested items are lamps, pictures, photographs, comforters, and decorative pillows.

  • How often does the doctor come in?

    Our doctors are in the building several times a week and are always available by phone.

  • Can I have a telephone and a television?

    Mary Wade provides television and telephone service in all rooms for an additional fee. You are welcome to bring in a cell phone or a larger screen TV if needed.

  • How do I hook up telephone and calls?

    Mary Wade takes care of installation on the day of admission.

  • Do you have a hairdresser?

    We have an onsite beauty salon with two hair stylists who are here Tuesday through Saturday.

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