Straight From The Heart

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It’s the incredible staff, the Warriors, the healthcare heroes at Mary Wade who make sure the residents’ home is loving and safe. That includes cleaning every room throughout the campus multiple times a day; and staff in full PPE every day since the pandemic began. We became daughter, son, family in the lives of our residents and provided the highest quality care and love. Yes, the staff at Mary Wade genuinely love their residents.  “The work that the staff has chosen to do makes them Warriors. They care deeply for the well-being of their residents.” says President & CEO of Mary Wade, David V. Hunter. 

 The love and compassion this incredible staff have for their residents is boundless. The staff take very seriously their responsibilities to care for and protect our residents. But their responsibilities do not end with our residents. Our staff have their families to protect and care for at home as well. This 24/7 commitment to the highest standard of care is what it means to be part of an “essential” lifesaving team at Mary Wade. 

Mallery Rivera, LPN, “I isolated myself at home from my husband and children and went without the comfort of a warm hug. Protecting everyone was most important to me as Mary Wade needed all hands-on deck in order to fight this.” 

Sajib Mitchell, “The demands in housekeeping multiplied as the virus spread. I would work doubles, a lot of doubles, I was exhausted and stressed. The constant worry about safety created a great deal of stress which impacted my abilities to complete my responsibilities of home life too. It was a really tough for me and my wife, I am so thankful to be past that.” 

William Ginter, MBA, “On top of all the normal operations of tracking all of the finances monthly, our finance team members have participated to varying degrees in five governmental audits. Added to the audits have been periodic and Covid related grant applications and the various workloads related to getting our increased volume of Medicaid pending paperwork done. Our team has worked countless of hours.” 

The dedication and self-sacrifice from the Mary Wade employees to the residents comes straight from the heart. Individuals go above and beyond every day to provide the highest quality of person-centered care. Being a healthcare worker is unique and special.  You see, beyond the front-line workers, all of the departments in Mary Wade stand as one family to protect your family. Together we are Mary Wade.



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