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2020 Florence Nightingale Nomination

May 14th, 2020

Mallery Rivera has been in healthcare profession since 2004. She began as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Mary Wade in 2004 her first Certified Nursing Assistant position. Mallery soon became an LPN and is currently working toward her RN. Mallery exemplifies true meaning of compassion and caring when it comes to her residents. You will often find Mallery having her lunch with residents who maybe lonely, baking or bringing flowers to a resident when they feel down. She is an excellent Clinical Nurse beyond the very caring subtle acts of kindness she shows. Just recently Mallery arranged for one of her residents to come to her house for Thanksgiving. This resident has very loving and attentive family however  son recently was diagnosed with Leukemia and was unable to  visit with his mom due to the health restrictions.  In between cooking the holiday feast for the family as well as caring for her two daughters Samantha 14 and Maddie 3 , Mallery drove to Mary Wade and brought this resident to her home.   She is tirelessly unselfish. This is just one example of her untoward compassion. It  is an honor to nominate Mallery for the 2020 Nightingale award!

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